More Trees Planted!

East Fort Worth, Inc's (efwi) - EASTSIDE BLOSSOM project continues its efforts to beautify the roadways between the fort worth central business district and e. Loop 820. This photo shows one of 26 new Mexican plum trees planted by Andre and his helpers.

These 26 trees are being planted in a spot that was previously an unsightly rusting chain link fence. Andre and his helpers moved the fence away from the roadway and planted these blossoming trees. This project will greatly enhance the roadway adjoining

The Riverbend and Woodhaven Country Club residential areas. It will also continue the project to beautify this roadway.

Andre has participated in the planting of approximately 400 of the ESB tree plantings. He and his crew are excited to be a part of a project that they can enjoy for many years to come. Thank you Andre!

Pictured left to right are Andre Tucker, Montrail Cushionberry and KeAndric Shelton

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