Great news! See my notes regarding two telephone conversations that I had, today. Texas Trees Foundation CEO Janette Monear was referred to me by Mr. Don Glendenning. I had contacted Mr. Glendenning because he was a Director of the Arbor Day Foundation. Mr. Glendenning is also on the board of Texas Trees Foundation.

Texas Trees Foundation is located in Dallas and was established in 1978 by Trammel Crow. To date, they have planted over 510,000 trees. They planted 26,000 last year.

Texas Trees Foundation has located a donor and volunteers to furnish trees, materials and labor to plant 50 to 100 Texas Redbud trees. We are going to accept the tree gift. We need to give them the location where we want the trees planted. I have three locations in mind subject to approvals from The City Park Forester, Melinda Adams. The sites would be around Gateway Park or Handley Park. We will be responsible for watering the trees unless we can get Melinda some more help through the City. We will hope for the City to water but plan on ESB committee doing the watering.

Things are looking great for "EASTSIDE BLOSSOMS"

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