Exciting news. As you know by now, we received the donations we were expecting from Jean and John V. Roach and from the Amon G. Carter Foundation. The Roach donation is dedicated to improving the entry into Gateway Park from E. First Street.

The Carter Foundation grant of $35,000 came with specifics as to the trees to be planted and their maintenance. Melinda Adams, the City Forester asked us to plant Redbud trees instead of Mexican Plum trees along the boundary between Quanah Parker Park and Randol Mill Road. So, it was necessary get approval for this change with the Foundation prior to spending the grant funds.

After applying for the grant, negotiations with Ms. Adams allowed us to turn over planting and maintenance of the trees to FW Park Department. EFWI and EASTSIDE BLOSSOMS will furnish the trees. The City's agreeing to plant and maintain the trees will allow the Carter Foundation donations to greatly expand the number of trees that can be planted with the funds. Danny Scarth and I called Mr. John Robinson at the Foundation and explained the proposed changes.

Mr. Robinson was extremely helpful and pleased that the funds would be able to be used to expand the planting area beyond our initial grant request.

I want to thank both Foundations for their generous gifts and thank the many volunteers that have participated. November of 2015 we planted our first 20 trees. At the end of April of 2016 we will have planted over 600. We are well on our way to our original goal of 2,000. As you know, we purchased 200 saplings that we have potted for future plantings. They should be ready in about 2 years. With the City Forester's help, we hope to have another 250 trees a year from the City of Fort Worth.

Happy New Year to All! Thanks for helping to make the Eastside blossom!


Jerry L. Barton, Committee Chairman


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