Today, WCD - Woodhaven Community Development donated $1,000 to the EASTSIDE BLOSSOMS project. This donation came one day after a $10,000 pledge from a local foundation and an additional $1,000 donation from Morris C. Matson. We expect to plant blossoming trees from E. Loop 820 to Oakland Blvd. this planting season. The total scope is dependent upon

receiving a grant for which we have applied.

The $10,000 donation is specified for the E. 1st entry into Gateway Park. An additional $10,000 may be available from the same source if we can meet certain grant conditions. We are working to meet those conditions. We need $50,000 for the entry so anyone wanting to contribute to the entry is encouraged to contact Jerry L. Barton at 817-875-2636.

Attached is a picture of the WCD board members that were present at today's meeting. East Fort Worth, Inc. is proud to be the sponsor for the EASTSIDE BLOSSOMS project. EFWI is particularly pleased that area organizations are making donations to help fund the blossoming tree planting efforts to beautify the entries and roadways in and around Gateway Park.

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