1,000 - $1,000 Club

Lewis Marchbanks on right and Danny Scarth, seated, become members of the “EASTSIDE BLOSSOMS, 1000 - $1,000 Club joining one of the earliest Club member donors, Morris C. Matson. EASTSIDE BLOSSOMS originated from a desire, by Charles Tandy, to plant 2,000 Cherry Blossom Trees in honor of his wife, Anne Burnett Tandy. Due to Charles death, the plan was forgotten. Matson told the story to members of EAST FORT WORTH, INC. (EFWI), and the newly formed organization took on the project naming it EASTSIDE BLOSSOMS. The project is for the beautification of our city but more especially Gateway Park and the streets fronting Gateway Park. In the last year, EASTSIDE BLOSSOMS has grown to include approximately 30 volunteers with each member taking on a task associated with their experience and expertise. To date, 147 trees have been planted. Funds are being raised for next year’s planting that will take place in the Fall. Several property owners have joined in by planting and agreeing to plant trees on their property. You can help by becoming a 1000, $1,000 Club member or by making any donation to the project. We consider the project a living piece of art. A sculpture of blossoming trees, flowers, Gateway Park entries and a hoped for Memorial wall and Garden. Keep watching. We think you will be delighted with our work. Thanks Morris, Lewis and Danny for your generous donations

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