We plan to place trees in the median and on the roadside where possible along Randol Mill Road and E 1st St from IH 820 to Beach Street, along both sides of Oakland Boulevard from IH 30 to Randol Mill Road and along both sides of Beach Street from IH 30 to the TRE rail line.


The overall path is 7.2 miles of trees on both sides of the roads and in some cases in the medians. Only 12% of this distance will not have trees like bridges and large intersections. With trees placed approx. 30 feet apart we estimate the project will take 1500 trees.


Once the tree planting has begun, the Eastside Blossoms project will continue to maintain and care for the trees. Your ongoing financial support as well as volunteering your time will greatly benefit this project. Around 4000 man hours per year will be required to maintain the trees when the project is fully planted.



Cherry trees are grown locally at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens and the Dallas Arboretum. A number of local horticulturalists have also planted them in private settings.

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Mexican Plum Tree
Texas Redbud Tree